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Heal the world: CurePharma plans overseas healthcare improvements through medicine exports

10 August 2016

CurePharma has been launched by director, Mustafa Al-Shalechy and business development manager, Ali Alshamari, who gained pharmacy degrees to masters level at University of Bradford, to export high-quality UK pharmaceutical and healthcare products to Iraq where many people cannot get access, or afford, adequate treatment for many chronic illnesses.A NEW medicines and pharmaceuticals wholesaler and distributor has been launched to solve difficulties faced by millions of people in Iraq in obtaining modern medicines to treat many illnesses effectively.


CurePharma founders, Mustafa Al-Shalechy (left) and business development manager, Ali Alshamari

Mustafa Al-Shalechy, 27, and Ali Alshamari, 28, who came to Yorkshire with their families as children, are planning their first exports to Baghdad later this year after gaining help from overseas trade specialist, Chamber International in establishing UK and overseas contacts to start exporting.

The two have established CurePharma, Thorp Arch Estate, as an authorised wholesale distributor recognised by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as operating in line with guidelines for good distribution practice by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Mustafa Al-Shalechy says: “CurePharma is the result of ideas which we have evolved over the years and we are thrilled that we are to deliver our first export orders within six months and help people in Iraq get access to quality medicines which they can afford.

“Although some large pharmaceutical companies have bases in Iraq, good medicines are usually far too expensive for the general population. Most are poor quality, not available or out of reach in some part of the country to the point where you cannot get proper treatment if you suffer with conditions such as diabeties.”

Chamber International export adviser, David Attia, has assisted CurePharma by providing export advice and putting the new company in touch with UK pharmaceuticals companies, logistics suppliers and ambassadors in Chamber International’s We are International export network for mentoring and advice.

Ali Alshamari says:

 “Chamber International has been fantastically helpful and supportive and has given us advice which has moved our entire aspirations forward.

“We will be exporting both over-the-counter and prescription medicines including those for cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, respiratory and other conditions through distributors with which we have created strategic alliances in Baghdad and they will supply them to pharmacies and hospitals throughout Iraq.

“We are forming partnerships with high-quality, lesser-known brands in the UK which have not started exporting and are happy to work with us in developing new markets for their medicines in Iraq where our plans have been welcomed.

“We eventually hope to supply a wider range of medicines and medical equipment and, as pharmacists, to start manufacturing our own medicines for export throughout the Middle East to give local people access to the medicines they deserve.”

David Attia says:

“CurePharma has identified significant export potential which can improve access to quality medicines, which are often unavailable, in Iraq and which can then be developed throughout the Middle East. It is fascinating export project which, like all good ideas, meets a real need, and we are pleased to be assisting them.”

Chamber International helps hundreds of new and experienced exporters with a wide range of specialist services to make exporting easier and more cost effective each year.