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Globally wholesale activities are the dominant way to distribute pharmaceuticals across large and dispersed territories. The wholesaler can provide valuable logistic services by carrying an inventory of over 10,000+ SKUs from some 500 or more manufacturers and delivering mixed load shipments to thousands of pharmacies and hospitals on a daily basis, thus enabling the manufacturer to concentrate on manufacturing and shipping bulk to the wholesaler. So in effect assigning a double role to wholesaler, both as a logistics service provider and a reseller, which has great benefits to both parties.

At CurePharma, we have developed a complete and comprehensive solution to meet the ever changing and challenging need of entering the Iraqi market. Our services range from the initial steps of registering the company and the active products, to marketing, distribution and logistics. Our services will help you create, execute and measure the performance of a customized brand strategy to grow your pharmaceutical offerings across different markets and through every stage of your product lifecycle.

CurePharma’s value to you:

  1. Register the company and the active products
  2. Marketing
  3. Distribution within a market
  4. Logistic transport from manufacture to market

With longstanding, active relationships across the continuum of care, at CurePharma, we bring a unique 360-degree perspective to our work, as well as a wide and deep pool of resources to deliver effective solutions for your brand needs. Your stakeholders count on you to deliver pharmaceutical products that improve both health and business outcomes. Let us help you deliver on that promise.

Our mission

CurePharma believes through working in cooperation with British brands and by strategic partnerships with distributors, as well as the hard work and dedication of our team both in the United Kingdom and Iraq, we will be the most efficient, responsive and the destination of choice for healthcare brand in the UK.

Our vision

CurePharma is to be the leading healthcare supplier in the Middle East and further. Through sourcing the highest quality products and establishing an integrated distribution channel

The Executive Director’s word

“We are CurePharma, an MHRA licensed, international pharmaceutical company that focuses on providing solutions for British pharmaceuticals and healthcare brands interested in exporting their products to Iraq and the Middle East.

With the increasing need for better health care, we are poised to make high quality medications accessible to every patient. Our company adopts a holistic approach to meet the ever-changing market needs by utilising internationally recognised standards and implementing them in every market we enter.

With an experienced commercial team that have a proven track record building brands and repositioning stagnating brands for growth, CurePharma is working towards being the preferred healthcare and pharmaceutical service provider to bridge British brands to the Iraqi market.

We work as a team to deliver the outcomes you expect and always stick to our core values which makes us in a great position to deliver consistently and reliably.

So begin your export journey with us today and we shall all prosper together for a strong Greater Britain.”


                                                                                                                                                      Mustafa Al-Shalechy

Our Core values

CurePharma has built its foundation on very strong values that are embedded in every person engaged with us. Customers at CurePharma have been always treated with utmost respect and they have laid great faith in us as a company. The company adheres to the following core values laid down by the directors.

At CurePharma, we are setting a new standard of excellence in the industry. It starts with everyone involved. Every product, services, action, and decision has the potential to benefit our customers and our team and contribute to our success. We want you to embed these CORE VALUES into your thoughts and actions, and we will continue to push higher together.

There are many competing pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that deliver to a certain standard, however, we only see them as competitors if we deliver the same standard they do. Our greatest competitive advantage at CurePharma is that we deliver over and above our customers expectations.


We have built our company on the solid foundation of integrity and it is at the centre of all our dealings. We strongly believe that only through integrity can we build a lasting relationship with our customers. Building trust between us and our customer is at the cornerstone of what we do, by upholding and maintaining confidentiality of all our dealings. We maintain transparency in all our business dealings, as we believe this will gain the confidence and trust of our customers. CurePharma has built its foundation on very strong values that are embedded in every person within the company.


The Products and services supplied by CurePharma are always consistently reliable in their quality. Due to our brilliant performance, we have earned a good reputation within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector both in UK and Iraq.


We are committed to all our customers no matter how big or small they are. Our commitment means we will give you 100% of our capabilities to truly help you deliver your intended outcomes.We do not leave any of our customers behind, our agreements will always be fulfilled to our customer satisfaction.

We care about your concerns, and your belief in your products is shared by us thus meaning we will endeavour to promote you to the full extent.Commitment to our work allows us to remain focused on the goals you set us.We are also committed to our team, we will ensure they work in a safe, pleasant environment to continuously perform the best they can.


We believe through innovation we can optimise the way we do business that is practical and cost effective for both our customers and us. We work to find new solutions for the problems that we may face and by having a creative team means we can overcome any challenge.


We take the initiative to help British brands to enter new markets and grow them within that market. Our team of professionals is our asset and has given the company the much-required thrust to succeed.

UK company house registered

CurePharma is a trading name of CureLife ltd a UK registered company 10288767.  CurePharma  is an authorised wholesale distribution by Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and in compliance with Good distribution practice (GDP) in line with the Guidelines on good distribution practice (GDP) by European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Wholesale Dealer’s Authorisation Certificate by MHRA WDA (H) 45455

EudraGMDP Union format for a wholesale distribution authorisation Certificate