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Generic pharmaceuticals companies

Generic pharmaceutical companies

There is always high demand for high quality British and European pharmaceutical and healthcare products within the different Middle Eastern markets. But as manufacturers are busy manufacturing and distributors are busy marketing and distributing and with limited resources, both parties don’t have sufficient time to explore all these opportunities and hence they are sometimes missed. This is where CurePharma comes in; we make time to bring the parties together. We strive and work to find the suppliers and the distributors and then we work even harder to ensure we match well-suited companies that will mutually benefit from such partnerships.

We hold initial talks with suppliers to inform them about the available opportunities in the Middle Eastern markets. We provide them with the full requirements needed to enter into different markets. We draw up a plan for the company launch in the required market, we also help forecast their sales.

We offer support and are always available to meet the demands.

The suppliers’ registration with the country’s Ministry of Health in each different market differs. The registration process is a long and time-consuming project. We provide the know how to execute such a task on behalf of the supplier. We provide a list of the required documentation to the supplier.

 Once we have agreed with the supplier we then present this opportunity to our various distributor partners in the Middle East. We look at the distributor with the most experience and ability to achieve their sales target within the specific product offering. We begin to work with the distributor to ensure we have a clear plan for the new manufacturer. The distributor is granted exclusive rights to promote and distribute the products from the supplier.

We at CurePharma ensure both parties hold up their contractual obligations and we act to ensure any obstacles are resolved within a timely manner.

Our team is equipped with fluent language skills of both English and Arabic to make any transaction easier for both parties in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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