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Pharmaceutical GS1 Barecode service

Pharmaceutical GS1 Barcode service

Our team at CurePharma can help provide your company all the required assistance in obtaining a unique UK specific barcode. These barcodes can be used for pharmaceuticals and food supplements intended for healthcare purposes.

The GS1 barcodes you get through CurePharma ensures you abide to the EU directive; the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) that mandates a unique identifier must be used to identify medicines throughout the supply chain, which will be enforced by 2019. Not to mention the added value to your company by giving you a hassle free, future-proof, unique identification system that can save you money and add value to your company.

Regulations like the FMD bring huge benefits to the industry and can save your company millions because the fake drugs market is costing the industry billions each year according to WHO, not to mention risking the lives of patients.

And if your company plans to supply the NHS, then you must know that the NHS also mandates the use of GS1 standards to ensure a safe supply chain.

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