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Pharmaceutical Marketing and brand promotion

CurePharma is a gateway for new British brands to be introduced into the Iraqi market. We help create brand awareness within the Iraqi healthcare sector in addition to providing a continuous business development strategy for British healthcare companies in Iraq.

We take a holistic approach and consider all aspects to achieve the results required. We having a specialised team with extensive knowledge of the Iraqi market, culture, and language, we have a strong proud team of more than 70 specialised Medical and sales representatives across the whole of Iraq including the Kurdistan region. Our specialised medical reps hold training and workshops for the prescribers and pharmacists to introduce them to the latest in the field. We also have organised conferences on different health issues and raised the profile of disease areas and the most up to date treatments.

Our offices in the United Kingdom and across Iraq work collaboration to achieve the intended outcomes.

We take our time to fully understand who our target consumer is. It means we learn to understand the needs of the patient-doctor requirements and find ways to improve our interaction with them at the grass-root level.

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For more information about CurePharma services you can contact us on: enquiries@curepharma.co.uk or call us on 01937 339995