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Pharmaceutical Online Marketing

Pharmaceutical Online Marketing

At CurePharma we realise the Internet has transformed business marketing and having a solid marketing strategy can make a significant difference between you and your competition.The vast majority if not all companies use the Internet to promote their business via a number of different means, such as websites, blogs, email, social media and networking sites. Furthermore, the Internet enables your company to carry out other marketing activities for example market research.

As we work towards being a complete comprehensive pharmaceutical solutions company we therefore can assist with all your digital marketing needs. Below is a description of some of what we can assist you with.

Website creation.

We have our own dedicated pharmaceutical and healthcare team of Web designers and coders who have practical experience at creating all you need. They reverse engineer your concept by understanding all your needs and they make a site that resembles your company best. They code your website from scratch and build it how your company wants.

A website gets you global audience and is key for any company as it is most likely the first source of interaction with any future customer or supplier. It is the first impression your future contacts will have of you and it is vital you get it right.

You can choose what features you want on your website and it will be tailor made to suit your business. For example Ecommerce can be incorporated to help you achieve your sales and a blog can be used to help you engage your customers directly. We help you choose a unique domain names and then we source it for you as well as servers and everything you need to get you up and running.

Website Promotion

What’s the use of a website if no one visits it. Hence our promotion package includes promoting your website and driving traffic through email marketing campaigns, social media, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising.

Email marketing

We create you a unique email that has the same domain name as your website that will give you the professional look within the industry. You can then use this convenient and cost-effective method to contact your customer or suppliers directly. You can use this to highlight your offers and this can drive traffic to your website

Social networking

We can create you a full presence on social networking sites like Facebook, instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are vital tools used to reach out to your targets online. These methods allow you to advertise your self and attract new customers and suppliers.

Affiliate marketing

We can help your company use this to advertise through other websites and drive traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization

Our specialized SEO team ensure your website always comes up as near the top as possible in most search engines to promote your site.

Pay per click advertising

Our specialized team can use this method to drive traffic to your site

And now you have a site and you have promoted it, but hang on you want to see the progress, you want figures, trends to analyse, to improve, that’s where we come in again not only can we help in creating and promoting a site we also go further by providing you information to continuously improve your offering. We can set any key performance indicators (KPIs) that you want to track your site, an example of what we can provide is: traffic to your website, sources of traffic, new and returning visitors and keyword performance.

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