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Pharmaceutical products registering

Pharmaceutical product registration

According to Iraqi law, foreign manufacturers cannot register in the Ministry of Health in Iraq unless they have an Iraqi agent. The Iraqi agent must be registered with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade and the local chamber of commerce and must have a valid scientific bureau registered with the MOH to enable them to operate. Then comes the long and timely job of filling various application forms and providing evidence of manufacturing facilities to register the company in Iraq which will costs varying amounts, can take upto a year and requires constant pursuing of different offices to obtain the licenses.

After the manufacturer is registered, then comes the need to register each active product before it can be sold in the Iraqi market. This is a complicated process that involves getting different test results and inspections for each product before it can get approved by the Iraqi MOH.

With CurePharma’s offices both in Iraq and UK, our team can communicate in both Arabic and English thus enabling us to effectively see the process till the end.

Having extensive experience in this field, we know the exact requirements and regulations and we can solve these complex procedures very smoothly for you and your company without you needing to worry.

Once we register your company and products this will give us the opportunity to market your product throughout the whole of Iraq including the Kurdistan region ensuring we reach the entire market sector.

Once the licenses are granted this will ensure your brand is protected from counterfeit and stop others from using your brand unofficially.

Registration of new companies and products cannot be achieved by any mean apart from having an agent on the field due to lengthy bureaucratic procedures and the failure to use electronic means such as the internet.

The process of entering other Middle Eastern markets follow a very similar procedure to the above and by CurePharma’s contacts throughout the Middle East we can help you penetrate multiple markets.

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