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Logistics & Distribution services

Logistics & Distribution services

At CurePharma we take care of all pharmaceutical logistics and Distribution from our suppliers’ warehouses in the UK and/or Europe until their arrival to the distributors’ warehouse in Iraq or throughout the Middle East. By holding a wholesaler dealers license of medicines WDA(H) authorised by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), we are GDP compliant so you can rest assured your products will reach the destination without being compromised.

CurePharma has taken steps to ensure efficient supply of medication and devices by partnering with Agility as a logistics partner. Agility has a renowned global presence and integrated logistics business that operates in over 100 plus countries that brings efficiency and problem solving solutions to global supply chains across the world. With over 22,000 employees, Agility is based out of Kuwait and Dubai and works with companies in diverse industries and builds durable, efficient supply chains that power businesses and drive trade, creating access to new opportunities.

In terms of helping CurePharma, Agility’s GIL (Global Integrated Logistics) offers air, ocean and road freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and specialized services in project logistics, chemical logistics and events. Agility’s global network and expertise in emerging markets can aid CurePharma in reaching the under privileged and crucial areas of the Middle East that are in need of high quality healthcare and medicine. Moreover, Agility provides customized solutions that will allow us to better target under stocked pharmacies and streamline the export of medication from the UK to the Middle East.


Since pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive, it is extremely important that products are handled carefully. At CurePharma, our distribution networks follow standard operating procedures to ensure the integrity of the products are maintained at all times.

To ensure efficient distribution in Iraq, CurePharma have two warehouses in Baghdad, with a large network of distribution vehicles to allow effective and efficient distribution in Iraq. Additionally, we understand that the temperature in Iraq can reach up to 50C, that is why we use temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure the medicine integrity are maintained throughout the distribution process.

CurePharma also established a network of customers throughout Iraq, including large distributors, governmental hospitals, and local pharmacies.

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